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Basic English Grammar PDF A1-A2

  • Present Simple
  • Subject Pronouns & Present Simple ‘To Be’
  • Singular vs Plural
  • Countable vs uncountable nouns
  • An, A, The, Zero Article
  • Present Continuous
  • Some vs Any
  • Much vs Many
  • Present Simple vs Present Continuous
  • Word Order + Question Words
  • Adverbs of Frequency
  • Past simple: regular and irregular verbs
  • Modals of ability: Can, could, be able to
  • Conjunctions: and, but, so, because…
  • Relative clauses: who vs which, that

Intermediate English Grammar PDF B1-B2

  • Capitalisation
  • Affect vs Effect
  • Little vs Small?
  • Present Perfect & Just, Already & Yet
  • Present Perfect vs Past Simple
  • For vs Since
  • Been vs Gone
  • The Future
  • Modals of Obligation
  • Reported Speech
  • Verbs Followed by Gerund or Infinitive
  • Adjectives’ order
  • Comparisons and superlatives
  • Possession – ‘s vs of
  • Both, neither, either
  • So vs such
  • Past continuous vs past simple
  • Me too? So/Neither + auxiliar + subject

Advanced English Grammar PDF C1-C2

  • Present Perfect vs Present Perfect Continuous
  • Passive
  • Have Something Done
  • Would and Used To
  • Like vs As
  • Linking words
  • Modals of possibility: may, might, could
  • Should, ought to, had better
  • Each vs every
  • Gradable and non-gradable adjectives
  • Conditionals’ review (type 0, 1, 2) + type 3
  • Between vs among
  • Wish
  • Future continuous
  • The present subjunctive: should
  • Question Tags

Amazing eBooks

  • Sounding British ebook
  • A-Z of British Slang ebook
  • Essential British slang PDF
  • What the f**k!? ebook
  • 7 Tips to Learn Any Language Fluently

Real English Grammar PDFs

  • Abstract vs. Concrete Nouns PDF
  • Active vs. Passive Voice PDF
  • English Contractions PDF
  • Countable vs. uncountable nouns PDF
  • Double contractions PDF
  • Gradable and non-gradable adjectives PDF
  • Interrupted Actions PDF
  • Location prepositions PDF
  • Location prepositions PDF 2
  • Essential English Propositions PDF
  • Essential English Propositions QUIZ
  • Modifying adverbs PDF
  • Nouns, verbs and adjectives PDF
  • Past simple with emphasis PDF
  • Prepositions – location in, on and at PDF
  • Present Continuous PDF
  • Present perfect continuous PDF
  • Reflexive pronouns PDF
  • Tenses 101 English PDF
  • The polite tense PDF
  • Using comparatives PDF
  • When to use ‘The’ PDF

Babies and Women

  • Baby Vocabulary PDF
  • Childbirth Vocabulary PDF
  • English for Women PDF
  • English for women PDF – periods

Business English

  • Basics of Business English PDF
  • Contact Details Worksheet
  • Formal Email English PDF
  • How to write a CV in English PDF
  • Jobs worksheet
  • Telepone Business English PDF
  • Speak With Me – Work PDF


  • Birthdays in the UK ebook
  • Bonfire Night ebook
  • British Christmas ebook
  • Celebrate in English PDF
  • Politics and Brexit PDF
  • Superlatives (Football) ebook
  • The great fire of London ebook
  • Crime and Punishment ebook
  • Death and funerals PDF

General English

  • Adding Information PDF
  • Asking Questions PDF
  • Being Specific PDF
  • Boasting PDF
  • Cause and Effect PDF
  • Changing Meaning PDF
  • Conversation questions #1 PDF
  • Daily Routine Worksheet
  • Everyday activities worksheet
  • Everyday English PDF
  • Express yourself PDF
  • Fluency test worksheet
  • Giving Advice PDF
  • How to be more polite PDF
  • How to express feelings PDF
  • Improve your english writing PDF
  • Likes and dislikes PDF
  • Making complaints PDF
  • Making deductions PDF
  • Making excuses PDF
  • Obligations PDF
  • Opinions and plans PDF
  • Plans and resolutions PDF
  • Polite requests PDF
  • Possibilities PDF
  • Predictions and promises PDF
  • Real and unreal situations PDF
  • Solving problems in English PDF
  • Unlikely situations in English PDF
  • What do you do in your spare time PDF
  • Drinking in English PDF
  • I’m afraid PDF


  • About Town PDF
  • Role Play – Car Park Bump PDF
  • Taking a taxi in English PDF
  • Travel English PDF – at the airport

Fantastic Phrases

  • 20 Argument Phrases PDF
  • 20 Inspiring Phrases PDF
  • 50 Common Small Talk Phrases PDF
  • 50 Useful Phrases PDF
  • Figures of speech PDF
  • Must know football phrases PDF


  • 10 Autumn Idioms PDF
  • 10 Brain Idioms PDF
  • 20 Colour Idioms PDF
  • 20 Family Idioms PDF
  • 20 Money Idioms PDF
  • 30 Time Idioms PDF
  • Common Idioms PDF

Phrasal Verbs

  • 100 Phrasal Verbs You Need To Know PDF
  • 20 Most Common Phrasal Verbs PDF
  • Caring Phrasal Verbs PDF
  • Put Phrasal Verbs PDF
  • Seperable phrasal verbs PDF


  • Altogether vs. All Together PDF
  • End vs. Finish PDF
  • Make vs. Do PDF
  • Might vs. May PDF
  • Prevent vs Forbid vs Ban vs Prohibit PDF
  • Should vs Would vs Could PDF
  • Speak vs Talk vs Say vs Tell PDF
  • To vs Too vs Two PDF
  • Wish vs. Hope PDF

Sensational Synonyms

  • 100 Synonyms for ‘said’ PDF
  • Alternatives to BUT PDF
  • Stop saying sorry PDF
  • Stop saying very PDF


  • Homophones PDF
  • Commonly mispronounced silent letters PDF
  • Silent letters in English PDF
  • Spelling mistakes PDF
  • UK vs. USA spelling PDF
  • USA vs. UK 25 different words PDF


  • 100 Academic Verbs PDF
  • 100 Most Common Verbs PDF
  • 20 Dating Verbs PDF


  • Adverbs of Frequency Worksheet
  • 40 Descriptive Simile PDF
  • 20 House Features PDF
  • 20 Weather Features PDF
  • Action Movie Vocabulary PDF
  • Classroom Vocabulary PDF
  • Clothes in English PDF
  • Clothing worksheet
  • Cooking lesson
  • Cooking Vocabulary PDF
  • Describing people worksheet
  • Emotions vocabulary PDF
  • Family PDF
  • Flip flop words PDF
  • Fortnite slang PDF
  • Going to school PDF
  • Hairdresser English PDF
  • Hardest words in English ebook
  • Moving house PDF
  • Phone call vocabulary PDF
  • Rooms and furniture worksheet
  • Superlatives PDF
  • The body script
  • The body worksheet
  • Times and dates worksheet
  • UK vs. USA – Bathrooms PDF

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