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I’ve created hundreds of documents over the years for lessons and as eBooks.  I’ve put my favourite ones together in this bundle of over 100 PDFs.

Q. What’s in the bundle?

There is a range of English Grammar and Vocabulary PDFs to download.  Click on the pictures to see the titles of each document.  Some of the PDF books are amazing resources (the A-Z of slang is 43 pages) and some are really great, quick reads to boost your knowledge. 

Some of the documents are supported by youtube videos or articles on this website, others are exclusive to this bundle.

Among this huge collection of English PDFs you will find:

  • A-Z of Slang ebook
  • Business Telephone English ebook
  • 100 need to know Phrasal Verbs
  • Much, much more. 

Each English PDF includes phrases and examples with meanings to support your learning.

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