Pronunciation Sample Lesson

The /ɪ/ Sound

This is a short vowel sound seen in many common words.  We should avoid confusion with the long /i:/ sound (me, cheese, please, etc).   Here are some common words which contain the /ɪ/ sound:

  • With
  • If
  • It
  • Him
  • Little

Phonetic symbol: /ɪ/ 

(glance over the examples to start familiarising yourself with phonetic transcriptions, the /ɪ/ is highlighted in red)

Sit on it for a bit = / ˈsɪt ˈɒn ˈɪt fər ə bɪt /

A little zippy zip = / ə ˈlɪtl̩ ˈzɪpi zɪp /

Dip a chip into it = / ˌdɪp ə tʃɪp ˈɪntə ˈɪt /

How to make this sound?

To make the /I/ sound the back of the tongue is high. The sound is produced further forward in the mouth.  A little smile sometimes helps to find the correct placement. Use the picture as a guide, then listen to the example and repeat.

Once you are happy practise with the tracks in the audio library.


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