How to speak in a British accent PDF

Whether you want to know how to speak in a British accent for fun or you want to start British Accent training, you can find out all about English pronunciation and download a free PFD here.
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How to Speak in a British Accent PDF

Well, if you want to know how to speak in a British accent, your first point of call is a map and a thoughtfully positioned finger!  Why? Well, the ‘British Accent’ is a very broad and colourful rainbow.  Do you want to sound like James Bond, Tyson Fury or someone from Peaky Blinders.  Let’s not get started on everything in between those options!

Whether you are an ESL student, an American actor or a Brit looking for accent softening, you’re probably interested in modern Received Pronunciation – the accent most BBC news anchors speak with.  So that is the accent we’ll focus on here.  

If you want to understand how to learn a British accent, you will need to spend time scouring the internet for the many resources that are available.  Alternatively, you can find out how to learn a British accent by using the expertise of an excellent English Pronunciation coach

If you’d like to see more about why you should speak in a British accent, you can watch the video below. 

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How to improve your English accent

If you are looking to speak with Received Pronunciation there is one direct route to improve your English accent and that is to take an English Pronunciation Course.  You can join our 5 star rated Pronunciation Course or you can read a review of the five Best Online English Pronunciation courses here.  

There are lots of free English pronunciation courses that will teach you how to improve your English accent.  However, it’s certainly more effective to take a paid course that is structured to support your learning.  Of course, practice makes perfect and, if you want to get your clear, confident and convincing British RP accent sounding natural you will need to spend a good amount of time doing pronunciation exercises.

Should you take English pronunciation classes

If you are serious about perfecting your British accent, it’s highly recommended to join an English Pronunciation course.  Most courses will be structured around important lessons for you to master.  Alternatively, you can start a series of online or face to face classes with a British accent coach.  These can be 1-2-1 or in small groups and can be effective, especially if you do a lot of them.  However, the key to perfect British pronunciation, changing your accent or improving your speaking confidence and clarity is lots of regular practice and exercise. 

Classes don’t really support the goal of lots of regular practice and any homework provided will not be of the same quality as the work you will find on a good online pronunciation course.  A short series of weekly classes wont get you to your goal on their own. 

A much better option is to find a good, online resource with lots of exercises and first class tuition that will give you everything you need to practice as much as you can and in your own time. 

My advice is to go for an online British English course over a class with an accent coach.  

However, I would highly recommend completing an Accent Assessment to get you started so that you focus your time and practice where it is most effective.


British English Accent Training 

You can learn an English accent online by undertaking British English accent training with a good school.  We’ve reviewed the best online English Accent Courses here, so you don’t have to do the research and can focus on your accent training!

If you want to start British English accent training, one of the most important decisions is the teacher.  You will be completing a large amount of mimicking, shadowing exercises and repeating the speech of your accent coach, so choose wisely or you may regret it later.  It’s important to complete accent training with a trained accent coach.  You can find out more about our Head Accent Coach here

How to speak in a British accent pdf


Taking the next steps with an English Pronunciation Course

If you’re looking to develop an English accent, improve your pronunciation and speak more clearly and confidently then join a high quality, comprehensive Online English Pronunciation course.  You can find out more about the 5 Star Rated English Like A Native English Pronunciation Course here.

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