Common rooms you will find in a British house.

1. Living room
This is the room where the residents live most of the time, here they will sit together, relax, socialise, watch television, and sometimes eat (if the living room also contains a dining area). Just to make things a little more confusing there are a few other names for this room: lounge, front room, and sitting room.

2. Kitchen
The kitchen is where food is stored and prepared.  Some kitchens also contain a table or breakfast bar where residents can sit and eat. If the kitchen does include a dining space then it may be referred to as a kitchen diner.  A smaller version of a kitchen, which you may find in a studio flat, is called a kitchenette.

3. Bathroom
As you can guess from the name, a bathroom is a room that contains a bath.

4. Bedroom
Another easy one.  This room is where you sleep.  The master bedroom is the biggest / main bedroom.  A tiny bedroom may be called a boxroom or nursery.  An additional bedroom intended for guests is called a guest room. 

5. Hallway 
This is the space just inside the front door.  Many people store their coats and shoes here. 

6. Landing
The landing is the area at the top of the stairs which leads onto the rooms upstairs.

7. Conservatory  
A room with a glass roof and walls, attached to the back or side of the house.  This room is often used as a place to lounge in the sun.

8. Garage
This is the room where you technically keep your car, but most people use this room as a workshop or for storage. 

9. Utility room
Some houses may have a utility room which is a small space downstairs which contains the washing machine, dryer, and other household cleaning gadgets.

10. Dining room
A room dedicated to eating.  It will contain a large dining table and chairs. 

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Here is a fun sketch that covers some of the rooms mentioned and furniture you will commonly find in these rooms.