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Learn to Speak English Like a Native with my British Pronunciation Course and Expert Assessment

 Improve your pronunciation assessment Perfect Your Pronunciation
Improve your pronunciation assessment

Perfect Your Pronunciation

Online British English Pronunciation Course

Speak clearly, confidently and fluently: This complete British English pronunciation course has everything you need to speak like a native.

Perfect Your Pronunciation

189 online English pronunciation course lessons.  Our course has everything you need to speak beautifully.


Speak Clearly & Confidently

Our unique method will help you to develop speaking fluency, clarity and confidence with exercises and training used by professional actors.

Improve Your Life

Clear, confident speech matters.  Speaking clearly is essential for success in and out of the workplace.  Improve your confidence and achieve your life goals.

Learn With An Expert British English Pronunciation Coach

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Note: Coversation Club and Pronunciation Assessment are sold separately.

I know how you feel!  I’ve personally overcome the frustration, embarrassment, and rejection that come with a lack of clear, confident speech. I know how to help, if you :

❌ have a strong accent

❌ find it hard to pronounce English words correctly

❌ feel judged by others for the way you speak

❌ get asked to repeat yourself 

❌ find it hard to understand native speakers

❌ use the wrong intonation and word stress

❌ find it hard to speak quickly or keep up with native speakers.

❌ lack confidence in your pronunciation and worry about making mistakes 

I can give you the tools and expert guidance you need to improve your pronunciation and transform your speaking for life.  Join my free masterclass to find out more. 

Here’s what students say about my 5-star rated pronunciation course and assessment.

See 318 Reviews on Facebook 4.8/5

British English Pronunciation Course

Our comprehensive English pronunciation course will transform how you speak and interact with those around you. When you improve with this course, you’ll gain confidence, say what you mean and be clearly understood. 

Anna English like a native. ESL student English lessons.

Build your muscles & perfect the basics

Learn my daily warm-up exercises to condition your mouth muscles for all sounds of British RP (received pronunciation). Perfect the 44 core sounds of the British RP Accent.



Speak clearly & confidently

 Use articulation exercises to master the core sounds, stresses and intonation of British English pronunciation.  Complete advanced exercises that make everyday speaking easy.


Practice daily to feel natural

The most complete British English pronunciation course you’ll find. 189 video lessons & 5000 audios so you can practice daily for 6 months without having to repeat the same exercises over and over. 



Native Teacher Support & Live Lessons in the ELAN Community

Get lifetime access to our exclusive ELAN Community, where you can connect, network, and practise your English pronunciation — plus exclusive *live streams for our students to immerse themselves further in the language. 

*Live streams accessible for 12 months after enrolling

My comprehensive British English pronunciation course was created using my professional training, knowledge, and experience and uses the same methods that professional actors use to change their accent quickly and naturally.  My course gives you everything you need to speak clearly, confidently, and fluently.

Absolutely Amazing.

“The content is very high quality. I have been learning English since I was 5 but this is one of the few places where you can actually learn proper pronunciation. The learning platform provides lessons, recordings, videos and a community to support your learning.”


Rocket Boost your Pronunciation Improvements

Use my unique tools to fast-track your pronunciation improvements and change your accent permanently (Add to checkout).

Accent Assessment

  • Supercharge your improvements and improve 10x faster
  • Receive expert, written guidance on your personal pronunciation
  • Get direct links to the key lessons in the pronunciation course*
  • Make a noticeable improvement in a matter of weeks
*You must be a student on the pronunciation course to access the lessons

IPA Workbook

  • Learn how to read and write symbols of the International Phonetic Alphabet
  • Understand how to pronounce each letter perfectly
  • Advance your listening skills with a complementary IPA audio library and exercises
    Phrasal verbs list and exercises for IELTS

    7 Day Guarantee

    We have hundreds of 5 ⭐ reviews across the internet. We're so confident you'll love our course that we offer a 7 day money back guarantee. So what are you waiting for!?

    Our English Pronunciation course online will help you achieve your British accent goals
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    My Complete Pronunciation Course

    Access to the ELAN Community

    Weekly live streams (access for 12 months)

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    Lifetime Access


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    See 318 Reviews on Facebook 4.8/5

    Use our secure checkout to access your Pronunciation Course and Assessment package

    Get the full English Pronunciation Course as part of the English Fluency Programme.

    What Hundreds Of Students Say

    See 318 Reviews on Facebook 4.8/5

    British Pronunciation Course FAQs

    Will I sound like a native speaker after the course?

    Sounding like a native speaker is about more than just pronunciation, it’s about accurate use of idiomatic language, the ability to use cultural references and British humour, amongst other things.  

    The Pronunciation Course WILL give you everything you need to speak English in a clear and confident way, with a British (RP) accent, as long as you put in the time and practise diligently.

    Also, completing all of the lessons in this course and practising regularly will make a BIG difference to your level of English listening and comprehension.

    How many classes are in the course and what does it cover?

    There are 189 lessons in the Pronunciation course.   Like most Pronunciation courses, we cover the 44 phonemes of the British RP Accent (Received Pronunciation) as core training…

    And this course will give you SO MUCH MORE than that.  

    This is the most comprehensive pronunciation course online.  I will teach you to speak clearly, confidently and fluently through a range of lessons and exercises. 

    Lessons to perfect your pronunciation include: connected speech, vowel and consonant clusters, sound differentiation, shadowing, articulation exercises, tongue twisters, and more.

    In addition to the 189 classes of the Pronunciation Course’s syllabus, you will also get access to the ELAN Community where there are regular pronunciation drop-in sessions with me and forums to share and ask questions.

    All of these lessons are perfectly organised to help you work through them.  I recommend regular practise, ideally just 15 -20 minutes per day.

    Is this a video course or does it include live classes?

    The course includes many hours of training videos that support you to make daily practice part of your routine.  These videos are included as part of the range of learning materials giving a balance of both learning and practice.  

    The courses will give you lots of opportunity to practise your English using the videos, the audio exercises and in the ELAN Community where you can also join live drop-ins and live streamed pronunciation classes with me.

    What native teacher support is available?

    Native teacher support is available.  

    I run regular live lessons and drop-in sessions where you can ask for help and direction on any area of the pronunciation course.  

    Native teachers are available within the ELAN Community and you can ask them and your student peers for help and advice or pose general questions for discussion.

    When does the course start?

    The courses start immediately.

    You will work through the course at your own speed, doing as much or as little as you like.  I recommend you practise most days, if possible.  

    You can go back, restart or repeat the course or any lesson as many times as you want to.

    You can RSVP to the live lessons and if you miss them, they will usually be available on replay soon after.

    If you’d like to get 1-2-1 feedback from me in the pronunciation drop-in, you can request in advance or just email your question for an answer.

    How long will the course take?

    Perfecting your British pronunciation and reaching the level of confidence you dream of will take a different amount of time for each student. 

    If you complete a Pronunciation Assessment and focus on your weakest areas first, you can make HUGE PROGRESS in just a week or so.  

    However, to make a permanent and transformational change that makes your British pronunciation feel as natural and easy to use as possible, we recommend completing the whole course.  

    I recommend that you practise daily, consistently, for a long period.  Even if it’s just for 15 minutes.  And the course is built to help you do that in a fun and interesting way.  With that approach, you won’t need to repeat any lessons while you transform your pronunciation over 3-6 months.

    Will I be able to speak to a teacher and get help?


    Just let me know ahead of the next drop in session!  If that sounds too scary, or you want a response more quickly, you can just leave a message in the ELAN Community and a teacher will respond.

    Can I cancel after starting the course?

    This is crazy, but… in all the years I’ve been selling this course, I have only ever been asked to refund one pronunciation course purchase! 

    I am so confident in the quality of my course that I guarantee to refund you without hesitation.  You don’t need to worry, if you feel the course is not right for you just let me know in the first 7 days and I’ll give you everything back, straight away.

    Can I pay in instalments?


    You are able to pay for the course in one or three monthly instalments.  Just select the option at checkout.

    NOTE: If you opt to pay in three and do not complete all three payments you will lose access to the course. ​

    Will the course work for me?

    If you are looking to transform your English speaking, improve your confidence, fluency and speak with a British accent, this is the course for you.

    I am an expert pronunciation coach, a professionally trained actor, voice trainer and have personally transformed my own pronunciation and voice.  I KNOW what you want to achieve, why you want to achieve it, and exactly how to help you to achieve it!

    My method is proven to deliver results and backed by 15 years of professional coaching experience.  

    If you implement the exercises included in this course you will see significant improvements.  Just listen to my other students who have shared many 5 star reviews.

    Is this a British pronunciation course for received pronunciation?

    YES! That’s correct.  

    This is a British Pronunciation Course with accent training based on Received Pronunciation.  I will be your accent tutor and I am the head pronunciation coach at English Like A Native.

    I speak with British Received Pronunciation which I have trained myself to master, transforming my own accent from my original Mancunian accent.  So you will be modelling my pronunciation and intonation.  

    Additionally, the course focuses on general fluency, English pronunciation, articulation and speaking confidence.  So while the focus and modelled accent is British RP, many of the exercises will help your speaking in general, whether you are speaking in English or in your native language. 

    How much time do I need to spend per day?

    I recommend that you spend between 15 to 30 minutes training your accent every day and the course has enough lessons to do a new one every day for 6 months.  

    You can work at your own pace, so if you miss a day, take a holiday, or a weekend off, you can just continue whenever you are ready.

    Do I get a certificate?

    If you complete all 189 lessons, email me and I will provide you with an official certificate of completion.

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