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Perfect Your Pronunciation

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189 Lessons 

Speak clearly, confidently and fluently: This complete course has everything you need to perfect your pronunciation.

5 star English courses for B1, B2, C1, C2, Business English pronunciation courses

Perfect Your Pronunciation

189 online English pronunciation course lessons.  Our course has everything you need to speak beautifully.


Speak Clearly & Confidently

Our unique method will help you to develop speaking fluency, clarity and confidence with exercises and training used by professional actors.

Improve Your Life

Clear, confident speech matters.  Speaking clearly is essential for success in and out of the workplace.  Improve your confidence and achieve your life goals.

Lifetime Pronunciation Course

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5 star English courses for B1, B2, C1, C2, Business English pronunciation courses

Absolutely Amazing.

“The content is very high quality. I have been learning English since I was 5 but this is one of the few places where you can actually learn proper pronunciation. The learning platform provides lessons, recordings, videos and a community to support your learning.”


A fantastic Pronunciation course and accent assessment for British RP.
Our English Pronunciation course online will help you achieve your British accent goals

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Learn With An Expert Accent Coach


You want people to focus on what you are saying, not how you are saying it


You want to improve your fluency and feel confident in your speech in and out of the workplace


You want to know where you need to focus and how to improve, fast!

We understand your goals and aspirations and have built a pronunciation course you’ll love.  Paired with our Accent Assessment you can achieve targeted results, 5x faster.  Finally, our ELAN Community is there for you to ask questions and share your achievements.  

Note: Coversation Club access is sold separately.

What You Will Achieve

This online Pronunciation course has everything you need to become a master of the British English accent.  189 lessons, covering every element of the RP accent with: Warm-up Sessions – Muscle Exercises – Elocution Instruction – The International Phonetic Alphabet – Articulation Exercises – Fluency Drills – Hundreds of Shadowing Exercises.  


Speak with confidence

Confidence comes through understanding and practice.  This course will give you a complete understanding and lots of experience.



Speak with a British accent (RP accent)

English language learners will gain a full understanding of British English sounds, with over 5000 audio exercises available to help you perfectly reproduce a British accent.


Speak with clarity & fluency

Specially designed exercises will ensure you develop strong articulation skills, perfect for clear speech.



Understand the International Phonetic Alphabet

Understanding phonetics is very beneficial and much easier than you think.  With regular exposure to the phonetic symbols you will easily get familiar with the IPA.


Pronunciation Course Content

Anna English like a native. ESL student English lessons.

189 Video Lessons

The most complete English pronunciation course online.



Downloadable Lesson Notes

Keep track of everything you are learning with your lesson notes.



5000 Audio Exercises & Interactive Reviews

Get thousands of interactive elements & lesson quizzes to help you progress.


Native Teacher Support & Live Lessons in the ELAN Community

Get lifetime access to our exclusive ELAN Community and exclusive live streams.

Personalised Pronunciation Assessment

There is no better way to tailor a course to your needs than with our unique Pronunciation Assessment.

We offer a comprehensive review of YOUR accent and personalise YOUR journey through the Pronunciation course.

  • Get feedback on your accent vs. every sound in the British Accent
  • Identify your weakest areas so you can make more progress quickly
  • Get links directly to the lessons in the Pronunciation course for each sound*
  • Get feedback on your overall speech, flow and intonation
    5 star English courses for B1, B2, C1, C2, Business English pronunciation courses
    Complete your personalised accent assessment for British RP.

    *You must be a student on the pronunciation course to access the lessons.

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