Pronunciation Course

189 Lessons 

Speak clearly, confidently and fluently.  This complete course has everything you need to perfect your pronunciation.


Learn British Received Pronunciation

Learn the Modern RP accent, a geographically neutral accent also known as BBC English.



Become a Confident Speaker

The course focusses on pronunciation accuracy, but the method will help you to develop speaking fluency and confidence.


Improve Your Listening Skills

Truly hearing your target sounds is a vital first step in pronunciation training.  This is why our course provides lots of ear training opportunities.

Why Learn With Us?

We’ve listened to you, our students, over the years and understand that:


You want people to focus on what you are saying, not how you are saying it


You want to sound more professional at work


You want to improve your fluency and feel confident in your speech


You want to know what is wrong and exactly how to fix it

We understand your goals and aspirations and have built courses our students love.  Our Pronunciation Course and Accent Assessment will help you achieve targeted results, fast.  Finally, our ELAN Community is there for you to ask questions and practice in a safe space so your confidence can flourish.

The English like a native trustpilot score is excellent

Transform Your Speech


Marina - Russia

⭐  ⭐  ⭐  ⭐ 
The Best Pronunciation Course Ever

Anna’s beautiful way of speaking makes you…work hard on your pronunciation. I also did the Assessment before I started the Course. I really appreciated a very deep analysis of my speech mistakes. So I’m really in love with English Like a Native.

Tug - USA

⭐  ⭐  ⭐  ⭐ 
I learned so much!

I have been watching and learning from Anna’s wonderful videos for several years. I really appreciate how she mixes good, clear instruction with humor. I also just got a Pronunciation Assessment from her. It was so thorough and detailed. This kind of attention is very rare. I recommend “” without reservation.

Emilie - UAE

⭐  ⭐  ⭐  ⭐ 
I really recommend this course for all.

It’s really fun. It is the same thing as actors are studying, you work on improving your voice and on your pronunciation at the same time. I love it and recommend it to everyone.

Choose Your Access to the Pronunciation Course

The English like a native trustpilot score is excellent

Absolutely Amazing.

“The content is very high quality. I have been learning English since I was 5 but this is one of the few places where you can actually learn proper pronunciation. The learning platform provides lessons, recordings, videos and a community to support your learning.”

Norbert Logiewa

Language school with English Tutor helping student with English Pronunciation.

Personalised Accent Assessment

Are you keen to do the pronunciation course but have no idea what sounds you really need to work on? You may feel like you are trying to climb a mountain without a map. We have a solution. 

There is no better way to tailor a course to your needs than with our unique and very competitively priced Accent Assessment.

We offer a comprehensive review of YOUR accent and personalise your approach to the Pronunciation course.  We provide this service at such a competitive price because it allows you to make the most of the course.

– Get feedback on your accent vs. every sound in the British Received Pronunciation accent
– Get guidance on the sounds you need to work on first to make the most progress
– Get links directly to the lessons in the Pronunciation course for each sound

Complete your personalised accent assessment for British RP.


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6 Courses / 400 classes 

  • Lifetime access to the following courses:
  • The English Programme: B1 & B2 Intermediate + C1 & C2 Advanced
  • Business English: to progress your English career
  • Pronunciation Course: 189 lessons in Received Pronunciation, articulation, and fluency
  • Pronunciation Assessment: Receive personalised feedback on your English pronunciation so that you know exactly how to improve

ELAN Community

Engage with students and teachers

  • Lifetime access to this exclusive community of learners
  • Work on meaningful projects
  • Have real interactions with peers
  • Have genuine English conversations
  • Develop fluency in the Conversation Club
  • Access Knowledge Base & live lessons 
  • Make friends along the way


Course Objectives & Outcomes

This online Pronunciation course has everything you need to become a master of the Received Pronunciation accent.  189 lessons, covering every element of the RP accent, with warm up sessions, muscle exercises, elocution instruction, IPA symbols, all sounds in the English Language (using RP) and many, many exercises.  


Speak with confidence

Confidence comes through understanding and practise.  This course is designed to give you a complete understanding and lots of experience.



Speak with clarity

Specially designed exercises will ensure you develop strong articulation skills, perfect for clear speech.



Become familiar with the IPA

Understanding phonetics is hugely beneficial and much easier than you think.  Through regular exposure to the phonetic symbols you will gain an understanding of phonetics with very little effort.



Speak with a British accent (RP accent)

English language learners will gain a full understanding of British English sounds, with over 5000 audio exercises available to help you perfectly reproduce a British accent.

Learn From … wherever

Mobile Pronunciation Course

You can access the ELAN community on our mobile app, and use the Telegram messenger group from the Telegram app.  The courses may work best on a computer but are also optimised for mobile access.

Pronunciation Course Content

This Pronunciation Course includes 189 lessons to train your British English accent.  In most lessons you can expect to find the following:

All content delivered by your English Pronunciation tutor, Anna.  

– Over 10 years of pronunciation improvement experience

– Masters degree qualified

– Over 1 million social media followers


Lesson Notes

Keep track of everything you are learning with your lesson notes.  All notes can be downloaded for you to keep for future reference



Video Presentation

A majority of your lessons will be presented in video form by me (Anna).



Audio & Quizzes

To further supplement your learning you will find elements such as over 5000 audios, and lesson quizzes to help you to practise and review. 


Access To Community & LIVE Streams

Learning a new skill requires regular practise, so even when you have finished the course you will be able to connect with me and your fellow students in our exclusive ELAN community. You will also have access to live streams and a monthly drop-in pronunciation clinic (held on Zoom). 

Who is this Pronunciation Course for?

ESL students study language online.

This course is for both English native and English as a Second Language speakers.  If you are looking to improve your pronunciation, speak with a Received Pronunciation accent, increase speaking confidence, clarity, and fluency, this course will help you achieve your goals.

This course is for:

  • committed learners
  • intermediate English level and above
  • learners looking to improve their speaking clarity and confidence
  • any age, gender, or nationality
  • learners looking to achieve fluency

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