English Language Courses

There are a number of exciting courses being created for you at the moment. Currently we can offer our pronunciation course and our business English course is due before the end of the year.  Sign up to our newsletter if you would like to be informed about new courses and offers.



Pronunciation Course

Unleash the power of your voice by learning to speak clearly and confidently, with English native Anna.


Business English Course

Feel comfortable in a professional environment with all the business English vocabulary at your fingertips.


Complete English Course 

A complete course covering every level of English. Whatever level you are, you will advance to fluency.

Learn From Home

Online vs Teacher Led Courses

Can an online course really be as good as working with a teacher face to face?  For a motivated student, absolutely!  Let’s look at the main benefits:

  • You can study at your own pace.
  • It’s much cheaper than face to face lessons with one month’s access to a course costing the same as a one hour private lesson with a teacher.
  • You can review material as often as you need to until you are confident that you have cracked it.

Pronunciation Class Formats

Not every lesson follows the same format but in most lessons you can expect to find the following:


A majority of your lessons will be presented by me (Anna) in video form.



Lesson Notes

Keep track of everything you are learning with your lesson notes.  All notes can be downloaded for you to keep and treasure forever.



Audio & Quizzes

To further supplement your learning you will find elements such as audios and lesson quizzes to help you to practise and review.


Lifetime Access To The ELAN Community

Continue your practise and feel encouraged by others with lifetime access to our exclusive community.

Take a sample lesson

Why not take a look at a sample lesson from my pronunciation course!

What Our Students Say

I find it really helpful how you guide non-native students to focus   on the position of the sounds. It makes such a huge difference.


Learning Pronunciation

I have been using your pronunciation course for over a year and it has made a big difference to my accent. With your help (via the online tuition)  I’ve been able to soften my voice and begin to pronounce words in a standard way. This is something I thought I’d never be able to do!


Yorkshireman Studying Pronunciaiton


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