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Let’s review the 7 different learning styles and how you can best apply them to learn English online.
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Using learning styles to learn English online

Across the western world, the idea that individuals learn best in different ways has gained popularity.  While it does hold true that there are different styles of learning, it has since been debunked that individuals learn best in specific ways. 

The current best practice for teaching and learning is to maximise learning efficiency by incorporating as many different learning styles into lessons as possible.  This is not to be used as a catch all for large class sizes with individuals that have different needs.  Rather, this approach is to utilise the understanding that EVERYONE LEARNS BEST when they are taught using a range of techniques.   

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Your own experience may relate to this.  It’s long been recited by teachers that people only remember 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they read, etc, and that combining hearing, reading, writing, speaking, etc, you can compound the benefits. 

It is our view that any approach to your English learning should therefore, include a range of learning styles.


What are the 7 different learning styles?

Avando Learning outlines the 7 different learning styles as: 








Let’s look at each of them and consider how to learn English online with our expertly designed English courses

How to learn English through visual learning

The Visual learning style (also known as Spacial) is reflected in viewing pictures and infographics such as mind maps, or graphs.  Across the 400 lessons of our English courses we have included over 1000 images, including this wonderful image in a lesson about Concrete Thinking:

Visual learning is excellent if you want to learn English courses online as the flexibility for image creation, display and circulation is much greater than in a traditional English classroom.  Using images to teach English can really bring a subject to life and make complex ideas easy to digest.

How to learn English through Social learning

The learning approach that uses interpersonal activities and communication is known as Social learning.  This style is highly effective for English language learning as language is all about communication.  We strongly believe that you learn English faster and more effectively when you practice using it to communicate in real situations and genuine interactions.

At English Like A Native we are unique amongst Online English Courses in that we have created our own social platform – The ELAN Community – within which, we have the fantastic Conversation Club.  This regular session helps to overcome the barrier to finding conversation partners for English speaking practice and with a new, exciting topic to talk about in every session, you’ll find your fluency increases rapidly!


How to learn English through Logical learning

Today there is a wealth of resources available for free on the internet that will give you a huge amount of information and support to learn English online.  However, your ability to find content and develop through a logical approach is limited by your ability to structure your own learning and use Google efficiently!

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More than anything, great online English courses should use logical learning to help you to improve your English.  Your lessons and course syllabus should be structured in a way that introduces new information progressively, that builds on what you have been taught already and moves you through a logical journey towards an end goal. 

All of our English course syllabuses can be found on the product pages.  You can see how we structure the lessons to give you the skills and confidence to produce final projects that you are proud of.

How to learn English online with Kinesthetic learning

Kinesthetic learning relates to using the physical world and your own movement to aid you.  This can be anything from making things to moving things or using physical games.  

Now, you’d think that of all the learning styles that would fail in online learning, Kinesthetic would be it!  However, there is so much that you can do online that you would otherwise not be able to do.  While of course, it’s not possible to reach into your monitor and grab hold of a learning resource, Kinesthetic principles can be applied in many, diverse and engaging ways.  

We’ve built interactive exercises into all of our courses.  Whether it’s recording your own voice, turning a card, clicking a button, moving a word or something else, we’ve got you covered on this fun learning style.  Here’s an example:

How to use Aural and Verbal techniques to learn English online

Aural learning methods and resources are great for English as a second language learners, particularly due to the difficult nature of English pronunciation.  The best way to utilise aural learning is to combine it with other types of learning.  

Nowadays, it’s possible to listen to a book while you read it.  Or, as in our English and pronunciation courses, combine it with verbal techniques and listen, record yourself, then listen again and try to improve your pronunciation.  

In most of our lessons we provide audio of the key vocabulary in the section so that you can listen to the pronunciation and practice on your own.  We’ve actually got more than 5000 audio files in our pronunciation course alone! 

Why not have a go now?  Listen to the audio library below and use the recording tool, or your smartphone, to record yourself.  Compare your recording with our Head Teacher, Anna, and try to improve your own pronunciation if necessary.


Of course, if you combine aural and verbal learning at the same time to learn English, well, that’s just conversation practice.  Here at English Like A Native, we strongly believe that practicing your English communication is the most important aspect of learning English successfully.  That’s why our courses have such a strong emphasis on providing you the resources, reasons and spaces to produce English language.

Final thoughts on using learning styles to learn English online

While there isn’t strong evidence that learning that is tailored to an individual has any impact on the outcome, it’s clear that learning through a broad range of techniques very much helps to understand and retain information.  

At minimum, learning through a range of techniques makes for a much more engaging, interesting and fun experience.  I think we can all agree that if something is fun and engaging, we’re likely to do it more often and increased participation is strongly correlated with improved performance.  

Lastly, it’s important to note that when it comes to communicating in English, fluency is developed through practice.  Speaking aloud in real-time is essential to build your ability and confidence in English.  

For that reason, when it comes to online English courses, you must ensure that you join one that offers you the ability to practice speaking English – like all of our online English courses do. 

N.B. While joining any of our courses gives you access to the ELAN Community and Conversation Club, you can also join without taking a course for £9.99/month.

Now watch the video below to learn more about debunking learning style myths.

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