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English speaking practice is essential to become a fluent English speaker.  We’ve collated some of our best free lessons here as a quick and easy resource to help you achieve fluent English speaking.

English speaking course for ESL students. If you are wondering how to learn English speaking skills and improve your English conversation skills, this course will allow you to learn English free and easily.

Speaking Practice and English Conversation

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We’ve collated (collated = gathered/grouped) some of our best English speaking practice lessons covering: conversation practice; listening practice; shadowing for pronunciation practice; speaking skills; vocabulary; and small talk.  We hope you’ll agree it’s an amazing collection of free English classes. 

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If you’d like to practice speaking English with other people in real time you can join our exclusive Conversation Club sessions held on Zoom. 


An essential speaking practice exercise for clear and fluent speech.

Listening Practice

Improve your listening skills by listening to real English conversations.

Speaking Skills

Develop your English speaking skills with our top tips!


These lessons to help you to increase your English speaking vocabulary.


Speak like a native by learning to confidently use common idioms.

Small Talk

Improve all your interactions by becoming a master of small talk.

Speaking Practice

These free English lessons allow you to practice your English conversation skills.

ESL students can join the community to have live lessons, English Classes, speaking practise and to meet language partners online.

English Speaking Practice in the ELAN Community

All ELAN students get access to the ELAN Community where we offer live lessons, forum discussions, Telegram chats and the Conversation Clinic for English speaking practice in genuine situations.

How do the English Conversation Practice lessons work?

In these unique lessons, you will practice your English speaking in a conversation with our head teacher, Anna.  Each lesson has a specific theme and you will be given time to respond to your part of the conversation.  You can try as many times as you like, and you can plan your answers.  It is however, recommended that you try to respond each time as fluently as you can.  The aim of the game here is Speaking Practice.  You should feel more confident in speaking if you use your speaking muscles more regularly and in real time.  These free speaking practice lessons help you to do that without the nerves or worries about embarrassing yourself when speaking English in public.

English Conversation Practice.


English speaking practice is essential to achieving English speaking fluency.  But if you can’t find partners for conversation practice, you have a fear or nervousness about practicing your speaking in public or you don’t yet feel confident in your English speaking fluency, what do you do?  Well you can use our videos to simulate conversation with our head teacher, Anna.

Using shadowing in English Speaking Practice.

Shadowing is an underrated exercise and an excellent activity to increase your speaking confidence, clarity and fluency.  You have to use your speaking muscles and develop the connection between your brain and your tongue to produce either your native or second language fluently.  Shadowing is great to help improve this connection as well as improve your tone, flow and speed when speaking English.  Use these two free lessons to get you started.

The Importance of Listening Practice.

Unless you are only planning to present in English, your English speaking skills will need to include some listening practice in order to master the art of conversation.  In the ELAN courses, we offer a range of resources to help you improve your listening.  An important part of listening accuracy is understaning pronunciation.  You can learn more about our pronunciation course and personalised pronunciation assessment and how they will help you to be a confident and fluent English speaker by following the links.

English Listening Practice.


Half of conversations are listening, so it makes sense that any good English speaking practice should include some English listening practice.  Here is a challenging videos to help you do develop your listening practice by following a real conversation between two English natives, with native British English accents.  The video includes some tips and vocabulary definitions along the way to help you understand the conversation.

Skills to take your speaking to the next level.

Speaking skills are not developed from just lots of speaking practice.  You should also think about what sort of speaking practice will really help you to take your English speaking fluency to the next level.  These my include pronunciation practice, articuation exercises, vocal warm ups, etc.  Watch these videos to find out more.

English Speaking Skills


If you are looking to improve your speaking fluency, speaking confidence and pronunciation clarity, here are a few lessons to get you started.  You can also start our pronunciation course.

The art of small talk.

Small talk (noun) – ‘polite conversation about unimportant or uncontroversial matters.’  Small talk strikes fear in the heart of even native speakers, however, as an English language learners, you can kill two birds with one stone and develop your small talk skills at the same time as your English speaking practice.

Free lessons on small talk.


Often, confidence in English speaking and a sense of fluency can be hampered by not knowing what to say (in any language).  Native English speakers can feel frustrated with small talk.  Luckily, these lessons will give you the tools you need for small talk so you can feel like a confident and fluent English speaker.

Vocabulary to make your speaking practice pop.

Now, we are not a huge fan of lists of vocabulary here at English Like A Native.  Most native speakers of any language learn through immersion and speaking is no different.  However, if you know you have some gaps that keep getting you stuck in your English speaking and conversation practice, there is a place for some targeted learning.  Have a look at these videos to learn some everyday vocabulary to help you advance your speaking practice. 

Using idioms to help your English speech sound more natural.

ESL students often want to sound like a native, this can mean a lot of different things to different people.  One key difference between native and non-native speakers is the use of idioms.  Idioms are phrases where the words in the phrase do not literally mean what the phrase does.  These strange phrases when used properly will show you to be an advanced English speaker and help you to sound natural and confident.

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