"Guide to Sounding More British"

Be Powerful, Speak Clearly, and Feel Confident!

"I've been working with ESL students just like you for over a decade, helping thousands of people to get a better understanding of British pronunciation and dialect, and providing them with the tools they need to gain vocal clarity and confidence." 
- Anna English, English Like A Native

Learning a second language is an incredible achievement, and something you should be extremely proud of.

Now I want to help you to confidently use that 
new skill.

When I surveyed my students over 70% of them said that they felt 
most nervous when speaking.

When I spoke to those who work in an English 
speaking environment, I found that 45% of them felt that their lack of speaking confidence or accent had held them back professionally.

In this free 14 page guide I'll teach you:

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"I thoroughly enjoy learning with Anna because she genuinely cares about her students, going above and beyond in order to help us improve our language skills."

Nitin, Engineer, India



"Anna’s lessons make learning easy, with her I have improved my language skills, pronunciation, and vocabulary.  She makes mastering the language fun."

Francesca, Marketing Manager, Italy