C1 Advanced

40 Advanced English Lessons

Leave behind the stuffy classrooms and take your language where you want it to go.  Join an English course made by people who LOVE teaching English for people who LOVE learning English.


Why Learn With Us?

We’ve listened to students over the years and understand that:


You LOVE the English language and want a course that reflects your passion


You want an immersive, genuine and meaningful learning experience.


You want learning that motivates you to learn and supports your life goals (travel, study, work, moving abroad, etc).


You want to feel more confident in your speaking and fluency


You want to find language learning partners and speak with people from all over the world.

We understand your goals and aspirations and have built courses that you’ll love.  Our English Courses aim to give you the freedom to express yourself.  Every course works towards a final project and you’ll learn the language skills you need to succeed as you work through each lesson.  Finally, our ELAN Community is built to help your fluency flourish.

Take Your English to the Next Level


Letizia - Italy

⭐  ⭐  ⭐  ⭐ 
One of the best platforms to learn English

I have looked for nice platforms and websites to learn English for a very long time. Many of them are good, but…when I found out about English Like a Native, I immediately understood this place is different. The units of the course are meaningful and useful… Every task helps me to practise the language in a realistic way (and this practice really helped me at work)… I enjoy the community so much, I have met wonderful people and made new friends. I highly recommend this website to everybody.

Ravendra - India

⭐  ⭐  ⭐  ⭐ 
Thanks for helping me with my English

Anna helps her students in every possible ways to get them to the goal they want to achieve. Her method of teaching makes easier for students to understand everything. Not only does she teach english, she also motivate her students to learn English when they are stuck.
Anna, you are one of the best english teachers.

Albert - UK

⭐  ⭐  ⭐  ⭐ 
This is the best course to learn…

This is the best course to learn how to use English for living and working in [the] UK.

Course Overview

C1 Proficient English Course

40 classes

This C1 Advanced course will improve your English by helping you to use both formal and informal language. The course develops your presentations skills as you work towards your final project and helps you understand key elements such as figurative speech, inference, understanding your audience and more. You’ll work closely with the ELAN community where you can build your confidence and speaking fluency as you prepare for the big day!

C1 Students join the ELAN Community

Engage with students and teachers

  • Work on meaningful projects
  • Have real interactions with peers
  • Have genuine English conversations
  • Develop fluency in the Conversation Club
  • Access Knowledge Base & live lessons 
  • Bin the textbooks!
  • Make friends along the way

The ELAN Community

Engage with students and teachers

Our courses are built around giving you the opportunity for genuine language interactions. In the ELAN Community you’ll meet language partners, have real-time conversations, join live lessons, engage in peer review and get speaking practice in the Conversation Club.

Learn From … wherever

Mobile C1 Advanced course

You can access the ELAN Community on our Mobile App and use the Telegram messenger group from the Telegram App.  The courses may work best on a computer but are also optimised for mobile access.

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ESL students study language online.

Who is this C1 Advanced course for?

This course is for English as a Second Language students studying advanced level English C1.  If you are looking to move from B2 to C1, this course is also suitable.  However, we would recommend completing our B2 Vantage English course first.

  • Intermediate C1 level and above
  • Learners looking for a different approach to improve their English
  • Students who enjoy a fun and engaging learning Experience
  • Any age, gender or nationality
  • Learners looking to achieve fluency

C1 Advanced English Course Syllabus

The C1 Advanced course consists of 40 lesson pages. Click on the 8 core modules to see more detail.

What’s Inside The Course?

This is a well-balanced course in which you will find a variety of reading, listening, speaking, and writing opportunities.  There are:

  – videos to watch

  – interactive activities for comprehension

  – multiple writing tasks to complete

– articles & case studies to read

  – speaking opportunities to record (audio and/or video)

  – a community of peers to share and interact with

  – opportunities to provide & receive feedback from your peers

– Access to exclusive live stream lessons, drop in sessions for Q&A and the Conversation Club to advance your fluency

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