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Why are ‘but’ synonyms important?  

There is one little word changed my life, more than once and nearly ruined my relationship. 

In this video I’m gonna explain why and help you to avoid destroying your relationships with this seemingly innocent three letter word.  

That’s right three letters …. B – U – T = BUT

Lets get technical

But (used in the way we are exploring today) is a conjunction and we use it to introduce a phrase or clause that is contrasting with what has already been said.  Basically, if you make a statement and then you say but, you just invalidate that statement.

You see even if your initial statement is completely sincere and honest, using the word but just destroys that sentiment.

But Synonyms PDF

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Use Another Word For But Or Pay The Price!

The word ‘but’ nearly broke up my family.  You see, for the past two years I have been working with my life partner, the father of my two children, Nick.  Having been together for over five years we are in that comfy place, you know, the point where you no longer sweat the small stuff, where you speak your mind, rarely dress up, and no longer try to impress one another.  In short, we take each other for granted.  What I didn’t realise was the damage my choice of words was causing this relationship.  

When Nick would suggest ideas and solutions that I was not onboard with, I would deflect it by saying things like:

“Yes, but we can’t do that” 

“I understand you are passionate about this but, I don’t like it”

“It’s good, but it won’t work” 

Nick was feeling more and more deflated, unappreciated, and unhappy because using the word ‘but’ in each case meant all he heard was ‘We can’t’, I don’t like it’, ‘it won’t work’… 

I needed another word for but and I needed it fast.  This wasn’t just a desire to improve my English, it was necessary to save my relationship!


Try this but synonym list for alternative words

Words To Use Instead Of But PDF

Nick taught me the dangers of using but, and we worked out some great options to use instead, options I am going to share with you. 

Now let’s return to the conjunction BUT.  It’s a wonderful word really, very useful; however, it is overused and as we have seen, in certain circumstances it can be abrupt. 

There are many other words that we can use to replace but, though it’s important to note that in almost all cases the sentence will need to be restructured. 

And As An Alternative For But

And is a great option, that gives you the opportunity to give more reason.  Let’s revisit 

‘I love you but I can’t be with you’

‘I love you and I can’t be with you’ – this is simply confusing and needs more detail. So let’s pad it out. 

‘I love you like a brother not as a boyfriend and staying with you isn’t fair on either of us, for this reason I can’t be with you’ – this at least gives justification to the decision to leave and doesn’t disregard the fact that she does actually care about him.

A But Synonyms In English List

Instead of BUT you might also consider one of these words


You are a great worker; however, we have to make you redundant


This is a great idea, though I need help understanding it more.


You are welcome to come to the party, although you won’t know anyone there.


He is a very intelligent student with great potential; nevertheless, he is disruptive and cannot remain a student at this school.

Despite this 

Your audition was the best we have ever seen. Despite this, we shan’t be offering you a part in our play.

Any of these options will allow you to avoid repetition.

Conclusion: But Synonyms and how to use another word for ‘but’PDF

No matter what words you choose when talking to important people in your life, just remember that they aren’t mind-readers, they don’t know your true intentions, or if you have been having a bad day…they only know what you present to them.  So speak with kindness, challenge them with consideration, and remember that words can impact people in different ways.

Additional Considerations Of But Synonyms

You may find other synonyms that are easy, like for like alternative words for but.  They may include a synonym list such as:



On the other hand…



It’s just that…



However, in this lesson we have considered the importance of communicating a message in your language and many of these alternatives also negate the original statement prior to the contrasting clause.  So beware of these but synonyms.

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