Online Business English Course

89 Lessons

Our unique Business English Course will give you both the English language you need for the workplace and the tools to help you progress in your career as an English-speaking professional.

The best online English course

Learn Business English

Learn functional business vocabulary and phrases for a range of common business situations.


Progress Your Career

Our Business English Course focuses on your professional development, giving you the tools you need to succeed.


Develop Your Network

You will learn important language for colleague and client interactions and join the exclusive ELAN community of other Business English learners.

A Business English Course Built for You


You want a course that helps you progress your career


You want learning that motivates you to learn and supports your career goals


You want to feel more confident in your speaking and fluency at work


You want to build your network and find language learning partners with whom to practice speaking English

We understand your goals and aspirations and have built a business English course that you’ll love.  Our English courses aim to give you the freedom to express yourself and our online Business English course is built to support your career progression.  In our unique ELAN community, you can meet and learn with other Business English students and join the Conversation Club help your fluency flourish.

Here’s What Our Students Say About Us

Letizia - Italy

⭐  ⭐  ⭐  ⭐ 
One of the best platforms to learn English

I have looked for nice platforms and websites to learn English for a very long time. Many of them are good, but…when I found out about English Like a Native, I immediately understood this place is different. The units of the course are meaningful and useful… Every task helps me to practise the language in a realistic way (and this practice really helped me at work)… I enjoy the community so much, I have met wonderful people and made new friends. I highly recommend this website to everybody.

Ravendra - India

⭐  ⭐  ⭐  ⭐ 
Thanks for helping me with my English

Anna helps her students in every possible ways to get them to the goal they want to achieve. Her method of teaching makes easier for students to understand everything. Not only does she teach english, she also motivate her students to learn English when they are stuck.
Anna, you are one of the best english teachers.

Albert - UK

⭐  ⭐  ⭐  ⭐ 
This is the best course to learn…

This is the best course to learn how to use English for living and working in [the] UK.

What’s included in the course?

Learn the language, progress your career.


89 lessons

We use realistic examples of client and colleague interactions to help you develop useful and contextual business language and the tools to help you progress in your career as an English speaking professional.


5 Professional Development Assignments

You will finish the course with a developed elevator pitch, CV and cover letter, an understanding of how to find your ideal job, and well-structured answers to important interview questions.


Access to the ELAN Business Community

Access to the exclusive Business English community where you will practice your English with learning peers from a wide range of professions, join live lessons and develop your fluency in the Conversation Club.


The ELAN Community

Engage with students and teachers

Our courses are built around giving you the opportunity for genuine language interactions. In the ELAN Community you’ll meet language partners, have real-time conversations, join live lessons, engage in peer review and get speaking practice in the Conversation Club.

Choose Your Access to the Business English Course

The best online English course


Learn English online with our highly rated English courses online.

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6 Courses / 438 classes 

  • Lifetime access to the following courses:
  • The English Programme: B1 & B2 intermediate + C1 & C2 advanced
  • Business English: to progress your English career
  • Pronunciation Course: 189 lessons in Received Pronunciation, articulation, and fluency
  • Pronunciation Assessment: Receive personalised feedback on your English pronunciation so that you know exactly how to improve

Join our English speaking practice classes in the conversation club Community

ELAN Community

Engage with students and teachers

  • Lifetime access to an exclusive community of learners
  • Hundreds of English and conversation classes every year
  • Have real interactions with peers
  • Have genuine English conversations
  • Develop fluency in the Conversation Club
  • Access Knowledge Base & live lessons 
  • Make friends along the way


Course Syllabus

The online Business English Course has a strong focus on career development and uses realistic examples to build your knowledge base.  You’ll be asked to produce a lot of language, this isn’t a course where you’ll just stare at videos…

What’s inside the Online Business English Course

Our online Business English course consists of 89 lesson pages with instruction and exercises covering a wide variety of learning styles to help you achieve confidence and English fluency at work.

This is a well-balanced course in which you will find a variety of reading, listening, speaking, and writing opportunities.  There are:

  Videos to watch

  Interactive activities for comprehension

  Multiple writing tasks to complete

Articles & case studies to read

  Speaking opportunities to record (audio and/or video)

  A community of peers to share and interact with

  Opportunities to provide & receive feedback from your peers

Access to exclusive live stream lessons, drop in sessions for Q&A and the Conversation Club to advance your fluency

The Professional Development Assignments

Our course is unique in offering you not only instruction on important English language for the workplace but we also give you clear direction and support to build your career development tools – in English. These tools will be the foundation of your career progression and are your opportunity to ensure are able to confidently apply for jobs in English work environments. The tools include:

  • Your elevator pitch
  • How to find your next job and analyse the requirements
  • Writing a great C.V.
  • Writing a great cover letter
  • Preparing for competency based interviews

You’ll work with peers and teachers in the ELAN Community to review your work, get feedback and see examples of other student’s work.  This is not a normal Business English course!  You’ll not find anything similar elsewhere.

ESL students study language online.

Who is this online Business English course for?

This course is for English as a Second Language students of between B2 and C1.  However, the language and career development tools will benefit anyone wanting to secure a job or progress in an English speaking workplace.

  • Anyone who works in or want’s to work in English
  • Business English students who want a course focusing on career development
  • This course is particularly useful for students looking to apply for jobs in English
  • A minimum of B1 Intermediate English level
  • Professionals in any business sector
  • Any level of work experience

Who teaches the Business English lessons?

This online Business English Course consists of 82 lessons. In most lessons you can expect to find the following:

All content delivered by your English language tutor, Anna English.  


Over 10 years of pronunciation and accent reduction experience


Over 1 million social media followers


Masters degree qualified


Video Presentation

A majority of your lessons will be presented in video form by me (Anna).



Access To Community & LIVE Streams

Learning a new skill requires regular practise and most lessons will give you prompts, topics and even work to help you have genuine English interactions wtih your learning peers.  You will also have access to group live sessions with Anna. 


Audio & Quizzes

To further supplement your learning you will find elements such as over 5000 audios, and lesson quizzes to help you to practise and review. 


Lesson Notes

Keep track of everything you are learning with your lesson notes.  All notes can be downloaded for you to keep and treasure forever.


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