50 Phrasal Verbs PDF

If you’re looking for the most useful 50 phrasal verbs PDF you can download it here, for free. Learn more about how to study phrasal verbs quickly and easily with our language booster.

What is a phrasal verb PDF? 

A phrasal verb is a phrase consisting of a verb plus something else, such as an adverb, a preposition or both.  We’ve share 50 phrasal verbs in our free PDF (document) that you can download by subscribing to our mailing list right here!

Learn phrasal verbs the easy way

If you need to learn phrasal verbs quickly, for an IELTS exam perhaps, or you just want a more fun and effective way of learning 300 phrasal verbs without having to memorise them.  You should join our 30 Day Phrasal Booster.

50 Phrasal Verbs PDF Download

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How To Learn Phrasal Verbs The Easy Way

Phrasal verbs can be difficult to learn.  For a start, there really are a lot of them.  Many are similar, many can be used in a variety of ways.  So is there an easy way to memorise phrasal verbs? 

Here’s a top tip: don’t try to memorise phrasal verbs.  At English Like A Native, we emphasise learning English in a more natural way.  Our approach is even more important for Phrasal Verbs.  If you want to study phrasal verbs easily, you should take the following three stage approach: 

  1. Learn phrasal verbs in context – this will help you to both remember phrasal verbs as well as how to use phrasal verbs correctly
  2. Use phrasal verbs in a story – this will help you to remember phrasal verbs through an emotional connection 
  3. Learn phrasal verbs through exposure and memorise them through practice – this is the essence of our natural approach to English learning through genuine interactions 

You can learn phrasal verbs the easy way with our Phrasal Verbs language booster pack.  Learn the 300 most useful phrasal verbs, in context, in just 30 days.

See English Phrasal Verbs In Use PDF

The best way to remember and understand is to see English phrasal verbs in use.  You can get our phrasal verbs PDF for free by entering your email address here.  The PDF includes examples so you can see the 50 most useful phrasal verbs in use.

How To Learn Phrasal Verbs For IELTS Exams, Quickly

Whether you’re trying to improve your English for yourself or because you have an IELTS exam on the way, you can learn phrasal verbs for IELTS quickly using our 30 day Phrasal Verbs booster.  We cover over 250 phrasal verbs, in English, with examples, PDFs to download, videos to watch and interactive exercises to complete.   You’ll join a community space specifically to practice using your phrasal verbs by telling stories and be able to read other people’s stories too.  If you’re looking to learn phrasal verbs for IELTS quickly, or for any other reason, this is really the best method.  You can join the Phrasal Verbs Booster pack here.

Get Our 50 Phrasal Verbs PDF Now PDF

You can order your free mini Phrasal Verbs Book PDF now by subscribing to our mailing list now.  This free gift of 50 Phrasal Verbs will help get you started and includes some of the most useful phrasal verbs with examples to show you them in context.

The 25 Most Common Phrasal Verbs Video PDF

See a video of the most common Phrasal verbs you need to know, for free, below.  This free live lesson video will help you get more phrasal verb examples to help you to build your awareness and understanding about these most common phrasal verbs.

Read Or Write A Story Using Phrasal Verbs

The best way to learn is to see phrasal verbs in use.  In our 30 day Phrasal Verbs Booster, you will learn the 300 most useful phrasal verbs.  Every day you will be given 10 of the most common phrasal verbs, with two videos to watch, a story to read, interactive exercises to complete and a task to write your own story, using phrasal verbs.  This process of experiencing language in context, being required to recall and put phrasal verbs to use is the best and most natural way to learn how to use phrasal verbs correctly and quickly. 


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