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We cover three English language learning topics: Business, Received Pronunciation, and general English (B1, B2, C1, C2 levels).  We also offer access to our exclusive community and live events. Click on the links below to find out more.

Pronunciation Course
Unleash the power of your voice by learning to speak clearly and confidently, with English native Anna
189 lessons
British Received Pronunciation
Speak clearly and fluently
English Programme
A personalised assessment can give you the guidance you need for self improvement
160 Lessons
Intermediate to Advanced
B1, B2, C1 & C2 Courses
Business Course
We give you the language skills for common work situations and career tools to apply jobs in English
89 Lessons
5 Career Development Tools
Join the ELAN Professional Network
Club Membership
We give you the language skills for common work situations and career tools to apply jobs in English
Live Lessons
Conversation Classes
Hundreds of lessons per year


Learn English online with our highly rated English courses online.

All Headline Courses

6 Courses / 438 classes 

  • Lifetime access to the following courses:
  • The English Programme: B1 & B2 Intermediate + C1 & C2 Advanced
  • Business English: to progress your English career
  • English Pronunciation Course: 189 lessons in Received Pronunciation, articulation, and fluency
  • Pronunciation Assessment: Receive personalised feedback on your English pronunciation so that you know exactly how to improve

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ELAN Community

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  • Develop fluency in the Conversation Club
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Which are the best pronunciation courses online

The 5 Best English Pronunciation Courses online

What makes the best English pronunciation course? Let’s face it, there are a lot of English pronunciation courses available online nowadays.  A number of the big YouTube teachers have released pronunciation courses and as online learning has become more popular, big...
IPA Phoneme chart for British Received Pronunciation

How to use the International Phonetic Alphabet for correct pronunciation

Contents - Why is English pronunciation hard? - What is phonetic spelling? - What is the correct pronunciation of words in English? - How to pronounce English words correctly - What is the International Phonetic Alphabet? - International Phonetic Alphabet video - What...
What is an idiom and what are the 50 idioms you should know?

What is an idiom?

Table of Contents What is an idiom (idiom definition)  Figurative language vs. literal language What is the difference between an idiom, a metaphor and a simile Why are idioms important Are idioms formal or informal How to use idioms properly How many idioms are there...
Learn how to be fluent in English in 1 month

How to be fluent in English in 1 month

Interview about fluency with our co-founder In this article, our Head Teacher, Anna sits down with her co-founder, Nick to talk about his experience of learning languages and top tips for getting fluent in English. Q. So Nick, tell me about your language learning...
Understand how to learn English online with learning styles

How to learn English online

Using learning styles to learn English online Across the western world, the idea that individuals learn best in different ways has gained popularity.  While it does hold true that there are different styles of learning, it has since been debunked that individuals...

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Over 400 free video lessons are available on my YouTube channel.  We look at everything from idioms and phrasal verbs to Business English and English Pronunciation.  There’s tips on applying English grammar rules, British culture and much more.  Subscribe for free today!

“I thoroughly enjoy learning with Anna…”

“I thoroughly enjoy learning with Anna because she genuinely cares about her students, going above and beyond in order to help us improve our language skills”



Nitin, Engineer, India



“I have improved my language skills, pronunciation, and vocabulary…”

“Anna’s lessons make learning easy, with her I have improved my language skills, pronunciation, and vocabulary.  She makes mastering the language fun.”


Francesca, Marketing Manager, Italy

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