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Pronunciation Course

Pronunciation Course

Unleash the power of your voice by learning to speak clearly and confidently, with English native Anna.


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Business English Course

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Complete English Course

A complete course covering every level of English. Whatever level you are, you will advance to fluency.


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Be powerful, speak clearly, and feel confident.

Being a clear and confident speaker is the cornerstone to success in all aspects of life.  When you communicate confidently, your listeners automatically have confidence in you.  This course is designed to give you all the tools you need to achieve your goals and change your life. 


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Explore all the sounds of (RP) British English pronunciation across 180 lessons.



10 Weather Idioms in British English

I’m here to brighten up your day with this enlightening English lesson. You might not have the foggiest about about of the phrases I’m going to teach you today but together we can throw caution to the wind and weather the storm. If you don’t have time right to...

Hard English Words: Meanings and how to pronounce

Hard English Words There's one surefire way to sound smart and that's to rattle off some rare, complicated and hard words to pronounce.  Of course, that only works if you get the pronunciation of hard words correct.   In this blog, we'll cover some of the hardest...

Hair Vocabulary – Learn English Language Needed for Visiting the Hairdresser

Hair Vocabulary Who would have thought that something as simple as cutting hair could have such complex vocabulary!  Hair vocabulary isn't something you come across every day.  So it's not until you're in the seat that you find you are exposed to it.  Therefore, it's...

25 Phrasal Verbs Natives Use Daily

Phrasal Verb meaning Phrasal verbs are such an important part of learning the English language that you should consider them less as an element of grammar and more as a chunk of must have vocabulary. Typically, a phrasal verb will contain either a verb + adverb or...

Figure Of Speech: oxymoron, simile & hyperbole

It's just a figure of speech... Figures of speech make language more appealing, help to create vivid images in the listener’s mind. It’s much more expressive.  In this blog I'll cover how to use a Simile, Metaphor, Hyperhole or Oxymoron to create a figure of speech....



Over 400 free video lessons are available on my YouTube channel.  We look at everything from must know idioms to applying grammar rules, study tips, British culture and much more.  Subscribe for free today!

“I thoroughly enjoy learning with Anna…” 

“I thoroughly enjoy learning with Anna because she genuinely cares about her students, going above and beyond in order to help us improve our language skills”



Nitin, Engineer, India




“I have improved my language skills, pronunciation, and vocabulary

“Anna’s lessons make learning easy, with her I have improved my language skills, pronunciation, and vocabulary.  She makes mastering the language fun.”


Francesca, Marketing Manager, Italy

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